280 HP
230 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2750 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)

Whoa, you must be a fanboy! 240sx bro for life!!! Drift!!!! Yes, the S-Chassis have always been my dream car as a child, namely the S13 coupe and S14 Kouki. I've always loved the body style, the 90's era boxy-ness, and the handling characteristics. As a student in highschool, I was so obsessed with this car, that I compiled a "To Buy" parts list for whenever I did get the car. Contrary to the culture of this car, I knew I wanted to make this car into a grip car. The F/R layout and the unbelievable aftermarket support made this car even more worth it to me. It was not until 5 years and three cars later that I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one. I was very picky about the body style and the options that I wanted, and I was lucky enough to find one with a working HUD and in the SE trim. It was a fully stock 1992 S13 SE Coupe with only one modification, an SR20DET. What mods have you done and why? Its actually amazing to see that most of the parts I've compiled as a highschool student materialize into the car today. As a current engineering student, I care a lot about handling geometry, engine dynamics, and in general how the car feels. I knew that it was possible to make this chassis into anything that I wanted, and that has been proven time and time again. The crux of all of my modifications to this car is to (obviously) make it handle well, have good engine response, and to be able to compete with modern day sports cars less the drivers mod. Right after I got the car, I hit the forums (Zilvia) and the craigslist in order to see if I can find the parts that I wanted. I wanted to start with suspension from the ground up. Ironically, the first part that I installed into the car was a Nismo GT Pro 2-Way differential. Having seen it for cheap up north, I pulled the trigger on it. It was nearly night and day compared to an open differential and I was glad that I bought it. Coming in after that were mostly suspension arms. What I currently have on the car are full Whiteline suspension arms in the rear, and a PBM front tension rod up front. I'm not a huge proponent of being consistent with one brand as all (and most) arms are adjustable. You just have to look for build quality. Next up was coilovers, I was quite picky to what I was looking for and ended up choosing Tanabe Sustec Pro 7 Street Editions. Being the premier coilover back in their day, they still beat newer setups for days with the valving technology and value. The only coilover I would consider as an upgrade at this point would be Zeals. I tied all of this in with a set of R32 GTR wheels that I happened to pick up for cheap, and it seems to have a nice stance so far. Where do I want to go with this car? Ultimately, regardless of the drivetrain, I want to be able to set this car up to handle more on the neutral side. I've driven many cars all the way from BMW to Honda, and I know what I want my F/R car to feel like. It sometimes sucks that I have to add more to my car to make it handle similar to newer cars, but I find beauty in that. I know that I want it to feel as planted as a BMW, as nimble as an MX5 and has a good power to weight ratio like a K-Swapped EG.

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[]Tyler Nguyen

Your specs need some adjusting. Sweet ride though

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