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We’re excited to announce the first round of members of our 2018 Team Wheelwell sponsorship! You’ve probably seen Wheelwell users with this badge around before, and this is the latest group of elite automotive enthusiasts to carry the Team Wheelwell banner to events around the country and contribute top tier content to the site. 2018 brings all-new sponsorship benefits to the Team including special pricing in our parts shop, cash commission on parts sales, and free entry to key

[]Ernie Szots

Unworthy, but I'm honored and will take it! lol

Wheelwell 130 days ago

Three Home Built Rides That Break the Mold! https://wheelwell.com/rafael-mendoza/1piz/1988-volkswagen-golf Rafael Mendoza's 1988 Volkswagen Golf Rafael completed one of the most badass and desirable swaps with relatively little headache. The LEGO quality of VW is absolutely unreal and Rafael took full advantage of the swapability! https://wheelwell.com/nathan-dobrenz/adl/1972-ford-ranchero Nathan Dobrenz's 1972 Ford Ranchero The Ford Ranchero is one of the most nostalgic looking vehicles around, and throwing in a big block makes for a dope 70's vibe screamer. Nathan built up a show quality ride that

Wheelwell 133 days ago

The Ultimate in Build Tracking! The Installed Parts list is a spot for you to stunt on your boys (or girls) and keep track of all the dope mods you’ve made to your ride! This is a place where you can show off your hard work and help others with similar rides come up with ideas for parts. We here at Wheelwell understand the unfortunate importance of maintaining a budget and hope that we can help you do this.

Wheelwell 137 days ago

Recently, our Community Manager went down to Long Beach, CA to meet up with some of Team Wheelwell at the 23rd annual Toyotafest in Long Beach. It did not disappoint. This was the 23rd annual Toyotafest put on by T.O.R.C (Toyota Owners and Restorers Club), and with over 550 registered cars it was the biggest yet. It was a truly impressive showing, with attention to detail that was unreal. There was something for everyone; from untouched 80’s Hilux’s with


[]Tom Armstrong

Nice write up! Why didn’t we take a group picture again? Lol


I know, I was just thinking that!

[]Scott Red

Nice cars. But remember if the steering wheel is on the left it an't JDM....

[]Ernie Szots

There were several right hand drive cars in attendance 😉

[]Ernie Szots

Thank you; my pleasure! More to come from #TeamWheelwell!

Wheelwell 145 days ago

Three Builds With Diverse Roots  https://wheelwell.com/owen-housden-2/1vd9/2007-mazda-mazdaspeed-mazda3 Owen Housden's 2007 Mazdaspeed Mazda 3 Not so SNEEEKY anymore. Owen has upgraded virtually every part on this 430hp beast. He started out with a budget friendly daily build in mind and as usually happens, he was bit by the mod bug. This build has some killer details, do yourself a favor and check it out. https://wheelwell.com/leon-ochs-1/18c4/2002-audi-tt Leon Ochs's 2002 Audi TT While some might see the Audi TT as a bit of an acquired taste aesthetically,

Wheelwell 147 days ago

Squad Goals! Do you need some motivation to up your game? In your Garage, similar Top Modded rides will pop up to give you new mod inspiration, and a squad to compete with for the best build! Wheelwell is a community that actually WANTS to help, and the competition is always fun. Ask questions, talk to other people about their builds, take full advantage of a friendly crew who have been there before. Here’s how… 1. Go to “My

Wheelwell 151 days ago

Go Inside With Three Hatchbacks That Couldn’t Be More Different https://wheelwell.com/steve-clasen-1/2j0n/1997-subaru-legacySteve Clasen’s 1997 Subaru Legacy Periodic blood sacrifice keep this Legacy ripping corners and knuckles with equal enthusiasm. There is a serious lack of wagon love these days but honestly, three pedals and long roofs are the things dreams are made of. Read about how Steve plans to run the track with a build that time forgot. https://wheelwell.com/brandon-case/1kbg/2016-volkswagen-golf-gti Brandon Case’s 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI The hottest of the hatches, the car

Wheelwell 154 days ago

Story time! We all have a story about our build. Share the good, the bad and the frustrating in your Ride Story! The Story is a great place to talk about what you’re planning for your ride and why you chose that particular one. Here’s how ya do it… 1. Go to “My Garage” 2. Click on one of your Rides 3. Click “The Story” 4. Get writing! Here at Wheelwell, we're all about the build, and each one

Wheelwell 159 days ago

Go Inside Three Monster Builds! https://wheelwell.com/christopher-johnson-4/2adt/2009-bmw-1-series Christopher Johnson’s 2009 BMW 1 Series A happy accident caused Christopher to land this backroad rippin', track ready bomber! Lots of supporting and performance mods keep this beauty flat and nasty through the twisties! Check out what he's done and where he's going. https://wheelwell.com/killadawg-09-1/1waq/2016-subaru-wrx Killadawg 09’s 2016 Subaru WRX Lurking in the frosty morning, awaiting its next victim is this nasty WRX. Monthly mods and clear vision took this build to the next level. This Subie is

Wheelwell 161 days ago

Don’t just do it for the gram! If you have a car focused Instagram, you can sync it with your Wheelwell account to effortlessly share your Instagram posts directly with other enthusiasts! This is a great way to share the day-to-day life of your build and show off your sweet photo skills. Here’s how... 1. Go to My Garage. 2. Click on the white gear (Settings). 3. Enter in your Instagram Username and Click “Sync Instagram! It's easier than adding

Wheelwell 165 days ago

Inside the Build: Three Opportunities to Shine! https://wheelwell.com/ray-mendoza/210o/1989-nissan-240sx Ray Mendoza’s 1989 Nissan 240SX Ray took his 240SX from an automatic beater to an Red Top SR20DET powered, track ready ripper! Lots of troubleshooting, perseverance and sticking to a plan made this build what you see now. https://wheelwell.com/kevin-blend/1s7g/2000-honda-civic Kevin Blend’s 2000 Honda Civic DX Looking back, there is a serious lack of Civic representation in the previous Inside the Builds, but it’s not because we don’t appreciate them! Kevin’s is a great example

Wheelwell 166 days ago

Go Inside the Build With Three Distant Japanese Cousins. https://wheelwell.com/alex-hargreaves-turner/xu2/1998-nissan-skyline Alex Hargreaves-Turner’s 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 After finishing the tedious import process Chris began a full on, ground up restoration/rebuild including extensive engine work, resulting in a forged component, RB25DET NEO bored out to a 2.6L! From top to tail, this R34 oozes serious JDM cool factor. https://wheelwell.com/chris-dirkschneider/25kk/2000-subaru-impreza Chris Dirkschneider’s 2000 Subaru Impreza Man oh man, what’s not to love about a good Impreza coupe build!? Chris found this ride a

Wheelwell 168 days ago

Are you suffering from mod FOMO? It’s a common ailment with an easy cure! Build up your Wish List, it’s the next best thing to building up your ride. It’s a great place to keep track of all the parts you want to buy, from the practical to the ridiculous. Here’s how… 1. Go to “My Garage” 2. Click on one of your rides 3. Scroll down to your “Wishlist” and hit the + button. Put in the part name and

Wheelwell 172 days ago

Recently, Wheelwell sponsored Rich Forsythe and his crew of Volvo C30 fanatics at their “C30s Conquer the Dragon” rally. This annual rally ripped through the Tail of the Dragon on HWY 129 in North Carolina, one of the most legendary roads in the country. The Tail boasts 318 turns, blistering straightaways and 11 miles of properly banked blacktop set against the stunning backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains. The Tail of the Dragon welcome committee. This is the 9th


[]Mike Tracy

soooo good!

[]Randy Gross

This is awesome! Now I want to own a Volvo C30.

[]Rich Forsythe

Yes! Everyone needs at least one

[]Mike Hobson

Was a great time! Thanks to Wheelwell for the support and the coverage!

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Great coverage! I’m glad to see WheelWell out there supporting in person meets!

[]Rich Forsythe

Great article! Thank you to wheelwell and our other sponsors. To learn more about the event, please vosit c30crew.com. To follow he story of Travis Morgan's amazing AWD C30, follow him here on wheelwell and on c30crew.

[]Tom Armstrong

This is cool! How does one get group coverage from Wheelwell?

[]Ernie Szots

So cool 👌

Wheelwell 196 days ago

Want to write for Wheelwell, win cool gear, and get paid? Read on! The details: We’re a few weeks away from a launching a new aftermarket parts store carrying 100,000+ of the best performance parts for your ride. To compliment the store we’re building a library of “how to” guides for specific products and vehicle models. We’re offering $50 for each guide you write with no limit on how many you can submit. You’ll also be credited as a Contributing Editor with


[]Robert McCann

It's okay, having a 2002 Sentra Spec V has left me overlooked before XD

[]Nicholas Subramaniam

Let me know when y'all start focusing on 90's Honda's and I will definitely be able to write a few!

[]Tom Armstrong

Someone let me borrow your BMW...lol

[]Wilson Oberholzer

My 328i is just sitting here. Just bring a trailer, lol

[]Tom Armstrong

Hahaha that’s a long tow man!

[]Robert Sixto

Ugh, now I wish even more that I owned an E46!

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[]Jeff Bowman

If you did Subaru’s or Preludes, I’d be all over it. Keeping an eye on it in case you do!

[]Jonathan Ward

I got a kia sorento need any how too's

[]Mitchell Kolacz

Darn, if only it was 1st gen mustang

[]Antoni Dabrowski

That’d be sick

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Wheelwell 207 days ago

Be one of the first 15 people to rate AND leave a written review for the new Wheelwell 2.0 iPhone app and we'll send you a 2-pack of your choice (silver, gold, or white) vinyl Wheelwell decals! (the decals: https://shop.wheelwell.com/collections/merchandise/products/wheelwell-horizontal-logo-decals-2-pack) To score some decals: 1) Visit the app store and download Wheelwell 2.0 for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wheelwell-garage/id1128986300?mt=8 2) Leave a star rating and written review 3) Comment on this post that you left a review and specify what color decals you want - silver, gold,

Wheelwell 208 days ago

These cars are born for the track! Check out this week's Inside the Build #insidethebuild Chadwick Atkinson’s 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 The coveted Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 is serious JDM royalty. With this track focused build, no part has been left untouched. This is certainly a build that can be called a labor of love, and Chadwick continues to bring out the best of what this rare gem has to offer. "I've always like the rare ones. This is

Wheelwell 216 days ago

What Do You Get When You Cross an A4, a 9-3 and a Yaris? This week's #insidethebuild !!!! Kaleb Thompson’s 2005 Audi A4 Who doesn’t like a clean, tuned, stanced A4? It’s a perfect combination of classiness and a platform that can support serious power. Well planned builds are often the most successful, and the execution on this one is impressive. Check out the tire punishing mods that Kaleb has lined up! https://wheelwell.com/kaleb-thompson/1mz7/2005-audi-a4 #audi #a4 #2005 #awd #euro #apr Wilson


[]Jessica Pomerleau

Can't hate on Yaris! Those cars are tanks, just like Echos you can drive them forever

[]Brandon Marquis

Ernie's representing JDM FTW! Great pic.

[]Ernie Szots

Thank you; too kind!

[]Wilson Oberholzer

A Wheelwell VIP!? I feel so special now!

[]Yves Vds

That Audi looks super clean!

[]Kaleb Thompson

Thank you!

[]Tom Armstrong

Very nice!

Wheelwell 223 days ago

Check out these three rides featured in this week's Inside the Build: https://wheelwell.com/dennis-gillingham/153z/2006-subaru-wrx-sti Dennis G's 2006 Subaru WRX Sti Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the sea of WRX STis. However, occasionally you’ll come across one that really stands out from the pack. Sporting a nice factory grey and tons of well chosen performance mods, this one really demands our attention. Check out Dennis’s story to see how he brought this car back from the brink of death! https://wheelwell.com/christian-redditt/n23/1997-bmw-z3 Christian R's


[]Robert Sixto

Proton Persona? I love hearing about new stuff that I was previously unaware of!

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Love that Subaru, and definitely giving a follow to all three of these great cars!

Wheelwell 229 days ago

by Skylar Siegel, Wheelwell ITB Editor Starting this month, I’ll be sharing with you my TOP 5 picks of all the Inside the Build’s we’ve ever featured on Wheelwell, and give you a few thoughts on each (you can also read more about me below). Keep building, driving, and share the passion. Britt's 1995 BMW M3 The capabilities of these cars is well documented and in this particular example, the attention to detail is unparalleled. From the canyons to the track, this

[]Robert Sixto

Good stuff, I'm always looking forward to these!

Wheelwell 236 days ago

This week's Inside the Build features Joe M’s beautifully tuned FD RX7 #insidethebuild WW: Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? Joe: A couple years after I graduated college, I was able to buy the car I've always wanted since I was in high school...an FD RX7. After test driving a bunch of different FDs in the Chicagoland area (from fully built and sorted cars to basket case

Wheelwell 243 days ago

Check out Dennis' daily driver that also serve as a race car on the weekends on the track! https://wheelwell.com/dennis-lo/1vy3/2004-honda-s2000 Q: Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? A: After a bunch of mechanical and reliability issues with my 07' 335i, I got tired of it and wanted something new. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted for sure, but I was deciding between an Evo X or an


[]Brandon Marquis

Good to see another daily/track Honda here! I decided to keep mine NA with a K24 for reliability purposes and I didn't want to deal with the potential heat that a forced induction build would create on the track. I hear if you have a good intercooler, good belts, good install, a supercharged Honda can be quite reliable though.

[]Dennis Lo

Yeah I've heard that with a good kit, a supercharger on our Hondas are actually as reliable as being N/A. I know countless guys on the S2K platform with SOS or KW SC kits who do daily their cars as well, no reliability issues whatsoever and definitely great when you're making 380-400whp and achieving that close-to-stock reliability

[]Jake Johnson

Anything is a Daily if you're brave enough

Wheelwell 253 days ago

This supercharged R32 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Read on to see why it's more than it meets the eye. #insidethebuild Q: Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? A: In ‘97, I bought a VR6 GTI and fell in love with the motor. When the R32 came out, I really wanted an upgrade to AWD VR6, but my GTI wasn’t old enough to trade out

Wheelwell 260 days ago

This M3 was fully built from the ground up. Nearly everything has been changed on Britt's M3. Read his story below! #insidethebuild #M3 #BMW Q: Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? A: My car addiction started off with a '68 GTO that had a 455 bb swapped into it. I had a handful of friends that were already into imports, and after riding with them going down


[]Michael B. Gonzales

Love this ride!!

[]Ryan Howell

Sweet Build Man

[]Dave Denkhaus

Man, I'd like to know you!

[]Skylar Siegel

Killer build man.

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