126 HP
122 LB/FT
Curb Weight
2,616 LBS
Toyota A245E Automatic
Top Speed
110 MPH
Engine Type
Engine Size
1.8 L
Tire Size
Naturally Aspirated

This car was purchased brand new by my parents back in 2007. The car was built in Japan, and purchased in Ohio (USA). The car has been kept stock for most of its life, but recently, I’ve been looking into modifying it. I know of a few mods I’ll be putting on the car. If you want to see videos about this car, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Tlj_DH0LKR5ZbOwxvmIbw. What I like: This car has a pretty smooth ride, it’s very reliable, it’s kind of easy to find exterior mods, but for engine mods, it’s more difficult due to the 1zz-fe not being an engine that is often modified. What I don’t like: ITS AN AUTOMATIC, it has dings and dents on what feels like every corner, it’s slow (for now), and the road/ wind noise is a little louder than I would like.

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Remind me to never use security locks for my wheels ever again. Lost the key about a month ago, and

[]Ernie Szots

That is the downside to them. Gotta be careful with where you keep that key. Time to ruin a socket!

Discuss this build

[]Joost Van Dien

Plans?? This is a white canvas :)!

[]William Chang

More like a silver canvas haha! I've got coilovers coming next month, and I definitely want to turbocharge the engine at some point, but those are the biggest mods I currently have in mind right now.

[]Ryan GTT

Needs a 3S-GTE Upgrade Will! Check my Youtube to find out how!

[]Jessica Pomerleau

This car is adorable!!1

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