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Has anyone put a 1994 flareside on a crown Vic frame? I am in the process and could use some advise

[]Craig Crall

My friend has a shop in Sacramento, that has done several Crown Vic / F series swaps of various years, send me a PM and we can ask him about the details.

[]William Morton

It seems to be going together way too easy
I was expecting more problems fitting the body on the frame. I am not a fabricator and would like to see how the body mounts are made. What are they doing for a dash? Are they fabricating there own or are they getting one from another vehicle. The steering column from the 2010 crown Vic bolted right in.

[]Craig Crall

I'll see if I can get him to respond directly, but as I recall, the body mounts were made from 1014 or 1020 rectangular and square tubes, which were welded directly to the frame. They were bolted to the body after being drilled, cut and adjusted and then tack welded while bloted in place.

[]William Morton

Thank you for info. I am going to try and get them done this coming weekend. I will let you know how it went.

[]William Morton

Has you friend done a flair side and taken pics of the frame after putting on the new body mounts

[]Craig Crall

That's going to be so much fun when it's completed. From what I've seen so far, you're off to a good start.