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William Thieme

Cumberland Center, Maine

I'm an automotive technology student at SMCC in South Portland, Maine and an IT Tech specializing in helping the elderly.
William Thieme99 days ago

I borrow this Volvo from my dad as a winter daily. Today I went I haven't felt this relieved in ages.... MORE

William Thieme116 days ago

If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Malibu... MORE

William Thieme142 days ago

Took M3gan out for a drive today now that my steering wheel is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpwqzMbCkCg&hd=1... MORE

William Thieme148 days ago

Took my wheel off for a good cleaning and to replace the bulbs Noticed that the upper column bearing has play so I guess I'll have to address that soon.... MORE

William Thieme150 days ago

E39 540i

William Thieme185 days ago

1989 Buick Century Custom: Regular Car Reviews

William Thieme185 days ago

Fluid MotorUnion E90 M3 Velocity Stack System

William Thieme189 days ago

Can anybody recommend a great detailing shop around Santa Fe, NM? Also if there's anybody in the area with Torx bits who wouldn't mind helping out a fellow gearhead, the sunroof seems to have come loose on the way South and unfortunately we only have the factory toolkit.... MORE

William Thieme198 days ago

e32 740 wagon conversion. Absolutely incredible

William Thieme202 days ago

Is it just me or does this sound like almost the perfect canyon... MORE

William Thieme207 days ago

I bet I'm the only one ever to pretend that the number of this... MORE

William Thieme212 days ago

I was reading about the 2017 Camaro ZL1 in Car and Driver and they... MORE

William Thieme215 days ago


William Thieme221 days ago

Watch The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode - Amazon Video

William Thieme226 days ago

Alfa Romeo Montreal '73

William Thieme241 days ago

A Fistful of Wolves - Mercedes-Benz original

William Thieme243 days ago

Another craigslist find: http://maine.craigslist.org/cto/5843731794.html... MORE

William Thieme245 days ago

Yesterday was absolutely ridiculous. M3gan (my M3) lost her fuel supply line (luckily while I had her on a lift!), my friend Sarah had her car backed into (by her dad), my friend Alex had his 540i's steering pump shear it's mounting tabs (one must already have been broken somehow), and my friend Ryan finished swapping the heads on his 2.5rs only to find that his transmission now overheats after a few minutes of driving (pretty sure he bent a cooler line). What a day!... MORE

William Thieme254 days ago

Finally fixed M3gan's passenger side hood latch last night. No... MORE

William Thieme257 days ago

1998 540i

William Thieme258 days ago

Japanese Classics | 1991 Honda Beat Kei

William Thieme259 days ago

I'm a little late with this one but...

William Thieme260 days ago

Rebuilt M3gan's shifter including a few modifications today along... MORE

William Thieme275 days ago

1992 Lifted Volvo 240

William Thieme275 days ago

Funniest BMW Auto complaint you'll ever hear