WILLIAM THIEME'S1998 Audi A42.8 Avant quattro 4dr Wagon AWD

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1998 Audi A4

2.8 Avant quattro 4dr Wagon AWD



Horsepower190 HP
Torque207 LB-FT
Curb Weight3494 LB
DrivetrainQuattro AWD
Engine Size2.776 L
Transmission Type5-Speed Manual
Top Speed149 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile15.6 Seconds
Zero to Sixty7.3 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)22/28 MPG

William Thieme's 1998 Audi A4 2.8 Avant quattro 4dr Wagon AWD
The Story

My first car, which I got in late January of 2014 with ~150k miles, was a naturally-aspirated A4 Avant. I drove it for about 7 months before understeering into a ditch on a dirt road while (successfully) avoiding a deer. For the next year I did an insane amount of maintenance (and, obviously, fixed up the crash damage) until it was way better than when I bought it. Then, in April of 2016, I was rear ended twice (at speed and within seconds of each other) along with relatively light front end damage from a Prius. 2 years and 2 months was a cruelly-short amount of time to share with this car.

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[]Steven Jones 1 point

shit. that's the type of injury that you feel more as time goes by too.

[]William Thieme 1 point

Nobody seemed seriously injured although I'm pretty sore and I bet one or two other driver's are, too.

[]Steven Jones 1 point

oh crap, that sucks. i just read the story, man i hope everyone was ok.

[]William Thieme 1 point

Thanks, Steven. Unfortunately the first three pictures in the image gallery here show yesterday's climactic conclusion to the story of my A4.

[]Steven Jones 1 point

Nicely done William.

[]Karl Muth 2 points

Nice 30v B5.

[]William Thieme 1 point

Thanks! It was a great first car and I am so happy to be driving it again.

[]William Thieme 1 point

It's home! I'll be making my appointment for a 4-wheel alignment tomorrow and hopefully getting it inspected tomorrow also. The ride is stiff yet easily comfortable enough for me and the preliminary alignment Skip and I dialed in by eye has it tracking straight with minimal mis-alignment issues.

[]William Thieme 2 points

I'm trying; I understeered into a ditch avoiding a deer but it's nearly back on the road (with upgrades and lots of extra maintenance done like control arms and antiswaybar bushings).

[]Anthony Lomenzo 2 points

oooooo me likey lol. Awesome, thanks for the Info. keep the old girl running!

[]Anthony Lomenzo 2 points

Hey William, How hard was the OBX catback to install and how do you like the sound? I've been thinking about putting one into my Avant for a while.

[]Anthony Lomenzo 1 point

I know the struggle, man. This winter is beating the hell out of my car.

[]William Thieme 1 point

I didn't install it myself as I don't have a lift yet (soon, hopefully!) but the only difficulties the installer mentioned were related to my also having both catalytic converters replaced at the same time so installing just the catback should be very easy even without a lift. The sound is excellent. Quite loud but not drone-y and it has a surprising tendency to pop and crackle sometimes, even! The construction of the system is great and the tips have a nice flair but aren't too 'bling.'

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