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Wilson Oberholzer

I'm a product designer by day and a tinkerer by night. If it's got an engine and wheels I'm sure I'll like it.

Doing some maintenance to my Saab when the sun hit things just right. It was way too good of an opportunity to not snap a pic.

I had to do some last minute repairs to my car for the state inspection and a sway bar link was one of them. I didn't have the time to order online so I went to the local parts store. Of course, all they had in stock was the expensive option so I got it anyway. When I went to install it though, my mind was blown.

I decided it was high time to take care of some issues that had been plaguing my Focus for a few years. My carpets were a stained mess with lots of coffee that had been absorbed over the years and my plastic trim was very dried out and gray.Carpet before cleaning


[]Ernie Szots 2 points

Very nice. I love keeping my ride looking crispy.

[]Wilson Oberholzer 2 points

My focus has years and years of neglect because I just don't like the car. I want to get more experience with detailing though so it gets detailing done so I can figure out what I'm doing

It's been quite awhile since I've cleaned this thing. I really need to do something about it and fix my rish running condition so I don't keep getting exhaust residue on my bumper.

I heard the unmistakable rumble of a Subaru boxer engine along with some loud music outside my house the other day. I peeked out the window to find 6 BRZ's parked out front and decided I had to snap a picture. A few seconds later they all took off. I believe they were on the way to a car show but I don't know for sure. Awesome sight that definitely brightened my day.


[]Sebastian Nounou 2 points

American Gumball? I know some of those folks.

[]Kit Lau 2 points

"Wait for meeeeee"

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

Unfortunately I just had my Focus at the time, otherwise I might have thought about grabbing my keys and trying to catch them.

[]Sheldon Hall 2 points

You should join them haha

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

The thought did cross my mind, lol

[]Ernie Szots 2 points

Ha, what a trip.

Took a trip to my parents cabin in Huntingdon Pennsylvania for the weekend and drove something a little different.Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. 4x4. Great for tearing up the trails and gravel roads. I was used to my Trail Boss 250 so this thing packed a punch in performance. Bonus fun was this being the first drifting I did with 4wd engaged.


[]Andrew Johnson 2 points

Sounds like the perfect project! I'm jealous!

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

The jeep was a fun project while it lasted but a serious crack in the frame and it's body configuration just don't work for it's purpose as a trail truck/wood hauler anymore. The S-10 is going to be built pretty similar to the one I had owned. My dad's a little crazy with the accessories though and described the light bar setup as "anything within 50 feet will be lit up bright as day even in the middle of the night" I will be getting pictures and a build list for it once it's up and in service.

[]Andrew Johnson 2 points

Love those early CJs, that's a shame :-/

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

It really is a shame. We got it like 10 years ago or something for free from a friend and have used it as a trail truck and plow machine since then. It's had a few issues but now that we've acquired more ATV's there's no longer room in the 1 car garage for it. That, and the frame is cracked so driving it is dangerous.

[]Ryan Brenner 2 points

Oh my God. You're living the dream

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point


This is why I love going up there. I pull up to the gas station on a 4wheeler with 2 friends also on 4wheelers and no one cares at all.

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

Somewhere I have a picture from me riding my Trail Boss 250 to a gas station 8 miles away and filling it up at the pump. I'll have to see if I can find it. It's a whole different world there

I'm so excited to hook this up and start messing around with tuning. I think I'll buy a spare ECU first and start loading "pre-made" tunes on to it just to get a feel for the process and then I'll start working from there.

I finally got around to swapping my downpipe and oxygen sensors for much better pieces. I keep getting closer and closer to needing a tune.

Wilson Oberholzer129 days ago

After almost 10 years it was finally time for me to part ways with the wagon. It had just been sitting in the back of my dad's garage for the past 6 years or so and he wanted his space back. I hadn't touched it to work on in at least 8 years. It went to a Willys/Jeep enthusiast who really wasn't sure on what he was actually going to do to it but had quite a few good ideas.


[]Andrew Johnson 2 points

It's always hard to say goodbye...

[]Chris "SCHREK" Schretzenmaier 2 points

That's a damn shame. I hate letting cars go. When it's time.. it's time though. Looks like it's going to be someone else's good project.

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

Yeah, I hadn't touched it in ages and just didn't have the time to do anything with it. The new owner collects these things and buys a few at a time, haha. I think it went to the right home. Plus, now I have some more cash for car parts on my other projects, lol.

Wilson Oberholzer149 days ago


Wilson Oberholzer151 days ago

For the first time in MONTHS I finally have the BMW all back together and sitting on it's own tires. Suspension is all fixed. Now, I just need to fix the body work and get a new battery. I can't wait to start driving it again.

Wilson Oberholzer156 days ago

Old missing emblemsBoth emblems were pretty much gone. Order a couple new emblem stickers and got them installed.


[]Sheldon Hall 2 points

Man, I've been slacking on getting mines for the E30

[]Wilson Oberholzer 2 points

I was really slacking on getting mine too. I've had the car with the emblems like this for about a year and a half. It's one of those things that once you do it it feels like a huge improvement.

Wilson Oberholzer165 days ago

Tried to finish my turbo install yesterday but the weather was not cooperating. It's in and all connections are made, I even got it to make mad turbo noises. Just need to fix a small leak, attach some shields and if I have time I'll modify and install the 3" downpipe I bought to go with it. I can't wait to see how much punch this has compared to the stock T28.

Wilson Oberholzer172 days ago

Trying to find out why my Saab was smoking and using tons of oil. I was just buttoning up fixing a couple seals when I decided to pull the inlet pipe off of my stock turbo (Garrett T25) and see this:There was a couple thousandths of an inch play radially and over 1/8" play side to side. Along with that were marks that the impeller was hitting the housing. Good thing I already have a line on a TD04HL-15T to upgrade to locally. I'm looking forward to more boost.

Wilson Oberholzer179 days ago

Taking these pieces home last night felt like a huge victory. I had been looking since September for a partout that was close to me and wasn't charging astronomical prices. After a random Facebook marketplace search about a week ago I found a guy parting a 3231 the same year as my 328i. It took almost 2.5 hours just to cut out the rear quarter panel (as well as about 5 cut off wheels). I also grabbed the door and a power steering pump off it. I may end up going back for more stuff.

Wilson Oberholzer183 days ago

Went out to the local big box hardware store and picked up some painting supplies. 2 cans of self etching primer, 3 cans of semi-gloss black, a can of semi-gloss purple, and 2 cans of satin clear.The "final" scheme is to strip the wheels completely, prime them, put a few coats of the black over everything but the lip, paint the lips with the purple and coat it all with satin finish clear coat. This of course may change if my wife likes how the gloss looks before clear (my preferred choice) or if I can find some Rustoleum color shifting paint cheaper than AutoZone has it ($22 a can).

Wilson Oberholzer185 days ago

Post by Wilson Oberholzer...


[]Tabitha Blagdon 3 points

Looks great!

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point


Wilson Oberholzer190 days ago

Post by Wilson Oberholzer...


[]Gregory Garoppolo 2 points

You and me both! I have been finally getting nice sunny warm periods of time and made some progress on my car that I parked last July. It's so close to being back on the road!

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

I got a chance to work outside on this for the first time in months. I only got it setting up on jack stands properly and formed a game plan but I'm really excited to be able to drive it soon. I just have to change out the passenger side rear control arm to make it mobile. Once it all checks out, I'm going to start looking for body pieces to make it right again.

Wilson Oberholzer239 days ago

Modified Saab 9-3 Viggen - One Take

Wilson Oberholzer240 days ago

Debating painting these in a graphite color with a non-gloss clear coat before I wrap them in new rubber for the season. Thoughts?


[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

Well, I may end up going yet another direction. My wife saw this https://www.facebook.com/907253646047633/videos/1058412427598420/ and now wants sparkly purple instead of a flat charcoal color. I'm all for it

[]Basir Khan 2 points

Have you considered plasti dip? Either way I think it'll look great! Let us know how it turns out :)

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

I was thinking a little something more permanent than that. I bought this set with the plan to completely refinish them anyway.

[]Andrew Johnson 2 points

That'll look clean!

[]Wilson Oberholzer 1 point

I think I'm going to have to mess around with photoshop or something to see how they'll look

Wilson Oberholzer241 days ago

I really like how this car looks in the woods

Wilson Oberholzer242 days ago

Stumbled upon one of the coolest arcades over the weekend. All 4 cars were modeled after Ferraris

Wilson Oberholzer259 days ago

Got a chance to meet up with the guy who is the current owner of a Prelude I used to own. Chatted for a bit and went for a quick spin. I really miss that car but he's doing her proud.

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