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Wilson Oberholzer

Hallam, Pennsylvania

I'm a product designer by day and a tinkerer by night. If it's got an engine and wheels I'm sure I'll like it.
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Wilson Oberholzer122 days ago

Modified Saab 9-3 Viggen - One Take

Wilson Oberholzer124 days ago

Debating painting these in a graphite color with a non-gloss clear... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer124 days ago

I really like how this car looks in the woods

Wilson Oberholzer125 days ago

Stumbled upon one of the coolest arcades over the weekend. All... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer142 days ago

Got a chance to meet up with the guy who is the current owner of... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer146 days ago

My little Saab loves the snow

Wilson Oberholzer152 days ago

Tuesday Toolbox: Tools for a Road Trip

Wilson Oberholzer155 days ago

Today's early morning fog made for an awesome photo opportunity.... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer157 days ago

Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer160 days ago

Did some much needed maintenance to the Saab yesterday. I think... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer164 days ago

Mother nature heard my cries and sent a rainstorm to try and wash... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer165 days ago

I am really not a fan of wintertime... Just gave her a good bath a couple of days ago and had her shining nicely. There's no end in sight to the random snow storms so I won't have a chance to clean her up for awhile.... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer173 days ago

More glamour shots. Somehow I managed to make this turd look half... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer174 days ago

Decided to take the daily out yesterday and get some glamour shots... MORE

Wilson Oberholzer175 days ago

A good step forward for 2017 already. I finally got the broken... MORE