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Wilson Oberholzer

Hallam, Pennsylvania

I'm a product designer by day and a tinkerer by night. If it's got an engine and wheels I'm sure I'll like it.
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I'm so excited to hook this up and start messing around with tuning. I think I'll buy a spare ECU first and start loading "pre-made" tunes on to it just to get a feel for the process and then I'll start working from there.

I finally got around to swapping my downpipe and oxygen sensors for much better pieces. I keep getting closer and closer to needing a tune.

After almost 10 years it was finally time for me to part ways with the wagon. It had just been sitting in the back of my dad's garage for the past 6 years or so and he wanted his space back. I hadn't touched it to work on in at least 8 years. It went to a Willys/Jeep enthusiast who really wasn't sure on what he was actually going to do to it but had quite a few good ideas.

For the first time in MONTHS I finally have the BMW all back together and sitting on it's own tires. Suspension is all fixed. Now, I just need to fix the body work and get a new battery. I can't wait to start driving it again.

Old missing emblemsBoth emblems were pretty much gone. Order a couple new emblem stickers and got them installed.Thoroughly satisfied to how they look. For anyone who owns a Saab and needs new emblems: check out focuslima on eBay. He has great prices and makes some quality emblems.

Wilson Oberholzer106 days ago

Tried to finish my turbo install yesterday but the weather was not cooperating. It's in and all connections are made, I even got it to make mad turbo noises. Just need to fix a small leak, attach some shields and if I have time I'll modify and install the 3" downpipe I bought to go with it. I can't wait to see how much punch this has compared to the stock T28.

Wilson Oberholzer113 days ago

Trying to find out why my Saab was smoking and using tons of oil. I was just buttoning up fixing a couple seals when I decided to pull the inlet pipe off of my stock turbo (Garrett T25) and see this:There was a couple thousandths of an inch play radially and over 1/8" play side to side. Along with that were marks that the impeller was hitting the housing. Good thing I already have a line on a TD04HL-15T to upgrade to locally. I'm looking forward to more boost.

Wilson Oberholzer120 days ago

Taking these pieces home last night felt like a huge victory. I had been looking since September for a partout that was close to me and wasn't charging astronomical prices. After a random Facebook marketplace search about a week ago I found a guy parting a 3231 the same year as my 328i. It took almost 2.5 hours just to cut out the rear quarter panel (as well as about 5 cut off wheels). I also grabbed the door and a power steering pump off it. I may end up going back for more stuff.

Wilson Oberholzer124 days ago

Went out to the local big box hardware store and picked up some painting supplies. 2 cans of self etching primer, 3 cans of semi-gloss black, a can of semi-gloss purple, and 2 cans of satin clear.The "final" scheme is to strip the wheels completely, prime them, put a few coats of the black over everything but the lip, paint the lips with the purple and coat it all with satin finish clear coat. This of course may change if my wife likes how the gloss looks before clear (my preferred choice) or if I can find some Rustoleum color shifting paint cheaper than AutoZone has it ($22 a can).The purple I got for paint is actually a bit darker than this. This was just a rough idea in Paint. We held up some paint swatches from the store to the car and didn't like how the brighter purples looked. I did yet another quick edit in paint to get a feel for how it would look when it's all done.

Wilson Oberholzer180 days ago

Modified Saab 9-3 Viggen - One Take

Wilson Oberholzer182 days ago

Debating painting these in a graphite color with a non-gloss clear coat before I wrap them in new rubber for the season. Thoughts?

Wilson Oberholzer182 days ago

I really like how this car looks in the woods

Wilson Oberholzer183 days ago

Stumbled upon one of the coolest arcades over the weekend. All 4 cars were modeled after Ferraris

Wilson Oberholzer200 days ago

Got a chance to meet up with the guy who is the current owner of a Prelude I used to own. Chatted for a bit and went for a quick spin. I really miss that car but he's doing her proud.

Wilson Oberholzer204 days ago

My little Saab loves the snow

Wilson Oberholzer210 days ago

Tuesday Toolbox: Tools for a Road Trip

Wilson Oberholzer213 days ago

Today's early morning fog made for an awesome photo opportunity. I think I'm going to have to start carring some lights with me for these spur of the moment photoshoots.

Wilson Oberholzer215 days ago

Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean

Wilson Oberholzer218 days ago

Did some much needed maintenance to the Saab yesterday. I think it's safe to say that replacing all of the engine mounts was a good idea

Wilson Oberholzer222 days ago

Mother nature heard my cries and sent a rainstorm to try and wash away all of the salt. Thanks mother nature.