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I'm a part time student that also works a couple of jobs. If I'm not at school or work, then I'm probably out driving or reading about cars.
Wood Herren893 days ago

So Wheelwell fam, I need everyone's help/advice on summer tires tread life. Last November, I purchased a set of Continental Extremecontact DW summer performance tires and had them mounted,balanced, and aligned at about 18,000 miles. I went in for my oil change yesterday at 25,000 miles and while I was there I noticed that my front tires were nearly bald. This is my first time on summer performance tires but, I was expecting them to go 15-20K miles on

Wood Herren1002 days ago

I managed to get some really great group shots of my old car and my new car. The E320 and the GTI make a really interesting pair of vehicles.

Wood Herren1051 days ago

I spent a couple of hours this weekend washing and waxing my old car, the E-Class. It blows my mind how well the paint cleaned up after being very dirty. There were some paint chips and cracks but, that is to be expected for a 15 year old car. This car is truly an example of when Mercedes were built to "a standard and not a price". This truly makes it worth the time and effort spent on detailing.

Wood Herren1103 days ago

This may be the best car video of the week. What an epic piece of cross-over between the automotive and aviation world.

Wood Herren1140 days ago

I'm pretty excited about this. The Forza 6 demo drops today and goes on sale in two weeks. Should be a pretty epic game.

Wood Herren1150 days ago

Everybody should really supported this project. I'm a really big fan of the older Toyota Land Cruiser and it would be really awesome if it was made into a Lego set.

Wood Herren1158 days ago

Had fun playing with an online meme generator.

Wood Herren1170 days ago

Got to see the conclusion of an Oldtimer car show in Adelboden today. The Swiss have a huge car culture and I am sad that I missed this event. Here's some pictures I got of the cars on the road.

Wood Herren1174 days ago

I got to see a Defender 130 truck today in Switzerland. This is one vehicle I really wish we got in the U.S! It was funny to see a vehicle that is highly sought after in the U.S.just being used as a work truck in the rest of the world. This would seem to be the European F-150.

Wood Herren1185 days ago

You know you have a fast car when you have to make up new adjectives to describe how fast it is.

Wood Herren1207 days ago

Just take my money Lego, take it right now.

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