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1991 300zx LS3 engine swap with rear mounted Precision Turbos. 1100whp and 1300hp at the crank

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Final dyno test: https://youtu.be/u9VXp4ad0R8

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New turbo startup test without filters: https://youtu.be/hpwaOh3haI0

[]Mike Holden

So I’m diggin the rear mounts.. how’s the lag with the new set up..? At what rpm does it start to spool.? And full spool..? Thanks.!

[]Tom Armstrong

That sounds awesome. Plans to cover all of that so road grime and water don’t make it into the turbos?

[]XTZ Twinturbo

This was an initial test of the turbo setup. Debris guards, filters and pre-filters to protect against fine particles and water will be installed.

[]Tom Armstrong

Awesome, let’s see the end product as well!

[]XTZ Twinturbo

The dyno video is posted. The new photos are on Instagram and facebook.

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Car outside: https://youtu.be/dcXpYhDYCyk

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