240 HP
236 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3409 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

Purchased in 2005 bone stock with 20,000 miles on the odometer.  My goal has always been function over form.

Discuss this build

[]Brett Johnson

Awesome list of mods. How do you like the racing brake calipers? I'm interested in those to shed some weight.

[]Kit Lau

Holy cow, what a sick build

[]Zach Crutchfield

Thanks Kit!

[]James Mock

Hey Zach! I'm in the process of building up my R32. I was wondering if you have Dyno numbers on the car after the tune and cam install?

[]Zach Crutchfield

Hi! I've never put my car on a Dyno. You can find what others have posted on vwvortex.com. Here's some from 2007 forums.vwvortex.com/#/topics/3189922. A tune would get you around 15whp & cams would get around 25. If I were you & had a stock R32 I'd start with a UnitedMotorsports tune & an APR exhaust. I enjoy the aggressive acceleration the cams provide at the top end of the rpm range, but your money is better spent elsewhere on the car. I did it as I've about run out of things to do to it that keeps it NA. Hope that helps! Post pics of your car.

[]James Mock

Wow dude, 100% on the reply times! I have the UM Stage 1 tune with the LC and NLS and I love it! Custom catless mid section and CTS cat back. I'm looking in to a different cam. Some thing along the lines of a 272/264 because I plan on going forced induction at some point. Finding Dyno sheets on these cars proves to be kinda scarce.
Not sure how to post a photo so here's my Instagram with some photos!

[]Zach Crutchfield

You need to add that beautiful R32 to wheelwell! Upload some pics and details. I've got 264/260 cams & it screams to redline. I would never do FI, but imagine it would be awesome. Highly recommend you search vwvortex for old dyno sheets and contact the poster if the link is broken. Most of us OGs are still around, but not on the forum.

[]Brandon Case

How's the APR catback?

[]Zach Crutchfield

It sounds great without being too raspy and it's also a lot lighter than the stock exhaust. I've got over 150,000 miles on it with no complaints.

[]Brandon Case

That's awesome!

[]Thomas Komar

beautiful R32

[]Zach Crutchfield


[]Zach Crutchfield

Lazaro: Yes, both were replaced at 150K miles.

[]Lazaro Carreiro

Hey there Zack. Are you running a stock clutch and flywheel??

[]Zach Crutchfield

Andy: Yes I was at Fastivus. I've attended every year since I moved to CA. You won't find a better event for VWs.

[]Zach Crutchfield

Josh: The e85 tune would be great, but where I'm at fueling stations are not conveniently located. You should find another MKIV R32!

[]Zach Crutchfield

David: For front control arms I went with usrallyteam.com. Clearance for my wheels isn't an issue.

[]Andy Man

Just watched your ride along with The Smoking Tire. Did you by chance attend Fastivus yesterday? Given you being a SoCal R owner for a long time I assume you have been to at least one of them in the last 10 years.

[]Josh Reed

Saw you and Matt Fera driving. Makes me miss my R32. I wish I would have kept it. May get another in the future who knows. I had the United Motorsports tune as well but with e85 which made it scream, plus I removed the resonator with the exhaust valve switch mod. Best sounding car ever!

[]alberto gorin

personal opnion appeal of this golf reminds me of old days of the GTI.

[]David Leong

Hey, I have a 03 Golf 2.0, And I want to make it handle better. Currently I have Eibach's pro-system (springs, dampers, and roll bars). I want to change to better control arms, where did you find yours? And I was wondering what sort of clearance do mk4 have for wheels? Thinking about having a staggered stance with wider fronts.

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