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23, gamer, car enthusiast.


I am 23 years old from Wisconsin. My first vehicle was a 1992 Ford Ranger 3.0l v6 5 speed manual, of which I 100% regret getting rid of. My second car was a 1994 Honda civic coupe 5 speed manual 1.5l, That shit burned oil like no other, It was a fun beater, but I was glad to see it go. My third vehicle was a 2007 Hyundai Elantra 2.0l 5 speed manual, and I didn't really have much feelings for the car. My fourth and current car is my 2015 Mini cooper S 2.0l turbo 6 speed manual and damn do I love this car.

Zach Gaus119 days ago

What sort of products do you all use to wash/ detail your cars. I've been trying to find new products for cleaning wheels/rims and inside/interior. I also want to try a foaming type of soap for washing the outside of my car. Any recommendations any of you may have, let me know.


[]Robert Sixto

Meguiars offers pretty solid stuff for most purposes, I've used it quite a bit. I also like Dr. Beasley's for more premium level protectants.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I like Meguire's products, and usually use their soap. I am not picky about soap but I want car specific soap because other soaps can remove wax from the car. More important is a good quality wash mitt that you keep clean between washes, and a rinse bucket to keep the soapy water clean. If you want more foam, get a foam gun, they work great.

Wheels and rims; I like Meguires again, it tends to dry slower. I also like to use windex after I use wheel cleaner to give it a bit more shine, and if I am really in a mood, I will wax my wheels with a clean applicator to reduce dust build up and really make them pop. I use Meguire's cleaning wax usually. A steamer is great for wheel cleaning, it really gets into hard to get spots but may need some abrasive assistance as well.

Interior: How much do you want to spend? I like to use steam and my random orbit buffer to deep clean things. I also like a number of carpet cleaners (for some reason the ones in cans seam to work better,Tough Stuff, etc.), I use Lexol for leather and Vinyl, cleaner and conditioner and leather, and the vinyl cleaner for vinyl.

I use a clay bar before I wax, every time, at minimum. Sometimes I buff areas using a Griotts buffer and 3M compounds. I like Griot's, Meguire's, Zymol, Mother's, and more for waxes. The staged waxes always produce a better shine from my experience. Meguire's high tech yellow is a solid stand-by basic wax to improve deep shine. 100% Carnuba. Also, you can steam around trim pieces to remove excess dirt and grim.

I keep clean with a California duster, Meguire's quick detailer, a microfiber cloth, and a clay bar, between big cleans.

How's that for starters?

Zach Gaus232 days ago

Mini sent me this cool lens kit for my phone. I wasn't even expecting it!

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