128 HP
110 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2116 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
30 MPG

1990 Miata. 245k on the clock. Bought for $1,000 from some kid on craigslist who abused it to pieces but still had the incredible effrontery to request that I "take good care" of the car, which is kind of like someone asking you to take good care of an etch-a-sketch that only draws vertical lines, or a half-eaten hamburger. That is to say, the car ran but it was ROUGH. The paint and bodywork were garbage, the interior was savaged, the suspension was squeaky, and the car rattled more than a washing machine full of golf balls. Then it started overheating. Joy! This was a couple years back. I have done the following to the car in the interim. - Replaced original 1.6L engine with a 1.8L from a 1994 with 60k - Replaced the brakes with NB sport components, including master cylinder, with ss lines, and red painted calipers, because - I could not help myself, whatever, they look awesome - Replaced the suspension with Mazdaspeed shocks and Tein lowering springs - Added a hard dog rollbar - Stripped off the trashed paint job and added primer and plastidip, except on the hood, because aluminum, because racecar - Removed power steering "the easy way" which means turning the wheel takes approximately the same effort as benchpressing an imperial star destroyer, also because racecar - 15" NB sport alloys, complete with tires that could charitably be described as "round" and "black" (the original 14" daisies were sold to a gentleman who purchased an automatic transmission miata with aftermarket wheels, whose stated use of his car was "cruising", godspeed you strange man) - New top, because seeing things out of your back window and not being wet are cool things for cool kids to do - IL Motorsport side mirrors, the glass from which was forcefully ejected from the mirror bodies the first time I took the car through a carwash, boy, that was exciting - A new dashboard, since aforementioned Craigslist insane person owner had drilled holes into the dash to mount (I'm not even kidding) A FUCKING CB RADIO (seriously, not kidding, wish I was) After all that, the car ran great and handled well, but eventually started overheating again. It also suffers from a common miata issue known as "slow". Slow affects 9 out of 10 miatas nationwide. As much as I have enjoyed the "slow car fast" lifestyle, I also wrench on and ride motorcycles, and the lack of straight line speed in the car is eating me, hence the turbo install. The car will be getting: (most of this already acquired) - An old BEGI turbo system I picked up for $250 - intercooler with BOV - Custom 3" exhaust which I will build myself (I used to be good at welding) - DIYPNP Megasquirt ECU - Toyota COPs - Timing belt, water pump - Upgraded radiator - Coolant reroute - Hood vents - FM sways with RB end links - Seam welded chassis  - JIC Magic coilovers (JDM YO) - FM frame rails - A complete 4.10 torsen setup from a Mazdaspeed Miata - 949Racing sport clutch and lightened flywheel - Working A/C cause I'm fancy like that - The very best spraycan rustoelum paint job in the entire world, fight me - A properly de-powered rack with welded pinion, effort should decrease from star destroyer to tie fighter, bonus goal is to get Matt Farah to drive the car and gush over the incredible on-center steering with no dead spot, did I mention that I'll be emailing Matt when this is done to ask him to do a One Take? Can you believe he's never done a turbo NA before? Me either. I'm sure the car will seem amazing to him after he steps out of a tuned 1100 horsepower Mercedes SLR Ultimate Nero Carbon Murder Edition ELITE SERIES GTSRX##### or whatever. - 15x9 Konig dial-in wheels, gloss black, with used 205/50/15 Toyo RA1s, which can be described not only as "round" and - "black" but also hopefully as "sticky" and certainly not "clapped out to the point of being useless" - A dyno tune, with a goal of 225 rock-solid, bulletproof, track-ready wheel HP Once that's all done, it's going on the track for HPDE, where my main goal will be not to die.

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