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Just got the bunny legal again, after months of fighting off the CEL lol

[]Brian Post

Nice! Im sure you are driving on cloud 9 right now! Hopefully you won't throw a code again any time soon!

[]Zach Young

Haha, well, just got the intake back on, so might throw a code for lean AFR soon lol but atleast that isn't anything to worry about right now lol

[]Brian Post

Haha - you'll be good. Throwing a code is more of just a guideline.

[]Zach Young

Right? That's why I didn't worry about it back when I had this intake on for a year+, then as it got closer to inspection time, everything pooped out lol

[]Brian Post

It seems to always happen when the emissions check is due. I used to just sell my cars right before the check - so I was good for another year.