300 HP
260 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3984 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG
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        This car came shortly after my Honda Accord broke down on me. I both needed a car but also had enough cash saved to get an upgrade from the previous car. I was deciding between a Subaru legacy wagon and the acura Rl. I wanted a wagon but most importantly wanted an AWD car due to the many hardships in the snow I've had with an open diff fwd car. I did not want an SUV as they are too big and top heavy for my taste which is why I preferred wagons due to their lower center of gravity and still give you the space of an suv. The legacy wagon met both requirements of spacious interior that a wagon provided and the awd portion but were very hard to find as I wanted the turbo version that came with 250 hp and torque. The acura Rl the more I researched became a better option as it offered more of a luxurious interior and the torque vectoring awd seemed very appetizing. It also came with four piston brakes and a double wishbone suspension. This came with the potent J35 series V6 that put out 300 which was 50 more then the most powerful legacy. Sure there were plenty of other cars I could have went for but the RL was in my price range and I loved the rarity of it since I can hardly find them on the road or on a damn you tube video for that matter. This also comes with 15 more hp than the Tl type s that everyone praises and more of spacious interior as it is a few inches wider than the Tl. I ended up grabbing this Rl for 4,500$ including the title and plates. I got through three winters with it by now and it proved it's worth in salt. I get an average of 21 mph which ain't half bad for it being a 2005. I found my Rl on autotrader.com , I chose this site because I didn't trust the craigslist listings. Everything seemed to come out just fine with this car as I checked it out. It had 141,000 miles when I picked her up. Now in 2020 I'm right around 173,000 miles and it is still going strong.

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        Stock rotors were getting bad so I replaced them with some slotted rotors by stoptech.

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        Just painted off my front calipers blue. I got a blue theme going. Blue brakes, blue fog lights, my

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        New tires

        Got some new Pure contacts by Continental.

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