240ish HP
220ish LB-FT
Curb Weight
4200 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
6spd M
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

09 328i 6spd KMC 18” Wheels 8.5F 9.5R aFe Intake Flowmaster Cat-back VR Flash Tune 3.73 Auto Diff swap (from 3.24) Carbon Splitter (front) ABS Rear spoiler (Carbon Wrap) BMS Short-Throw (35% red.) Weighted Knob Clutch Delay Removed Lowered (2in.) Cabin Air Filter Swap (BMS Low Profile) Interior Carbon Wrap LED Side Lights (Amazon’s Finest) White LED Halos White LED Fogs Front Spacers (3/4in.) Rear Spacers (1in.) Rola Roof Rack Gloss Black Kidneys (w/M Colors) ReCoded with Carly Adapter: Corner Lights Off Add Digital Speed to Dash Mirrors and Windows with Key Double Flash Hazards Fogs on With High Beams DVD in Motion iDrive Welcome Screen

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[]Ernie Szots

Great looking beemer. Love the color, stance, roof rack. Very tasteful.

[]Zachary Johnson


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