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Zachary Lutke

Boosted 2012 Jetta SE 2.5 I5🇩🇪 Volkswagen👌🏻 IG: @that_boosted_mk6 Twitter: @boosted_mk6
Zachary Lutke297 days ago

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted in a while been busy, well I am overhauling the entire build on my boosted 2012 Jetta, by the time it is done it will be pushing 700-800 hp ;)


[]Ernie Szots

Wow; no joke.

[]Zachary Lutke

Nope putting about 17k dollars more into it in the next year and a half.

[]Ernie Szots

Serious business! Looking forward to the coming updates.

Zachary Lutke376 days ago

We had the car running and re-timed, unfortunately it slipped timing yet again. The plan is to take a tensioner bridge out, re-time it again and see if it slips timing again. If the car slips timing again, then I will have to add a extra half link to the timing chain so it does not seize up again.

Zachary Lutke395 days ago

I will be posting a update video Saturday afternoon/evening about the build. We are also going to try and re-time it by hand before we get the tool, chain, and tensioner. Stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram @that_boosted_mk6 and on Twitter @boosted_mk6.

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