I bought my elcamino in 2012 while attending Atlantic vocational in ,coconut creek Florida I paid 6,000 for the cruck.  After driving it for a short while it broke down for the first time nothing major just an alternator and water pump which I eventually replaced it did well for a couple of months. Minus the problems and two rebuilds of the stock Rochester carb until the armetutre that assists in starting the vehicle in the steering column broke after attempting to rebuild the steering column at my house with extremely minamal experience in the subject I opted for a rebuilt one then shit went south quickly my life as well as my ride went in the toilet in a big way I won't bore you with the details but after almost three years of work and an ever increasing parts list she's back on the road better than ever, through it all as I dealt with depression,death,addiction adding multiple other hard ships working on this big orange obnoxious time warp has always been a welcomed constant and if anything helped significantly in keeping myself focused on the future and task at hand  As we fix , tinker and modify our vehicles their doing the same for us in some strange way

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