Here is my 1989 foxbody Mustang that i bought back in 2012. It had 89K miles on it and everything was stock except for an aluminum radiator and a T-5 swap. One of the cleanest foxbodys around. Did minor bolt ons like an exhaust, throttle body, smug pump delete, ram clutch, lowering springs, cobra replica wheels, and smoked headlights and tail lights. Drove it like this for a few years till I sucked water up in through the air-box and locked the motor down. From there it sat in my garage for about another year until a random fire started at the headlight area. To this day don't have any clue how it started but extremely lucky that the fire choked itself out and only minor damage to the Mustang. That fire put my focus back into getting her back on the road. Slowly putting it back together and hopefully will be back on the road before the end of 2019.

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